Nita Ambani, wife of the country's richest business man Mukesh Ambani, competes with big celebrities in terms of beauty.

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Nita Ambani does not look less than any actress even at the age of 55.

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No one can guess his age by looking at his youthful and glowing skin.

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The secret of her beauty is detox water, due to which her skin glows so much.

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Let's know how she maintains her glowing skin

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Nita drinks detox water daily, which not only detoxifies the skin but also protects her from anti-aging problems.

Detox water

Antioxidant-rich beetroot juice fulfills the lack of blood, according to Nita Ambani, it also keeps blood circulation right.

Beetroot Juice

To keep her skin youthful, Neeta consumes spinach, lemon and coriander juice daily.

Spinach juice

Fiber is considered good for healthy skin. Nita Ambani takes multi grain bread which is made of five grains for breakfast.

Multigrain bread

once a day, Neeta definitely drinks coconut water, which keeps her skin glowing.

Coconut water

Nita Ambani eats soaked almonds before sleeping at night, according to her, almond prevents the problem of anti-aging.


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