A man from Japan spends Rs 12 lakh to look like a dog

We have heard about people spending million of dollars to look like celebrities or Barbie dolls but a Japanese man has fulfilled a strange dream.

This man has coverted himself into a dog by spending 12 lakh rupees. Although he has not really become a dog, but he has become so through a costume.

Twitter user @toco_eevee tweeted his photo in which he told that it was his life's dream. After the video of a human being like a dog surfaced, the internet was on fire.

He took the form of a collie breed dog because this was his favourite animal and he find this the cutest.

At the same time, he wanted to be the animal with the long hair, because it could be easily hidden in the costume.

According to Japanese media, a company named Zeppet has helped this man in making the dog form. This company make costumes for films and ads.

The costume, which looks like a dog is made of Rs 12 lakh and it took about 40 days to make.

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